Holm circuit on a fatbike or nordic skis

We start off at the place where you chose to spend the night, or by the fire station. We go over basic trekking skills here, and check that everyone has suitable clothing. We then make our way through river landscapes and small patches of forest, enjoying the fresh air. Halfway around the holm, we stop at a beautifully located rest area, and prepare a simple lunch/snack around a crackling log fire. Revitalized, we make our way back around the other side of the holm. The circuit is approx. 9 km depending on the choice of path, and takes about 3 hours.


SEK 1,200 per person (including a light lunch or snack)

Two-day circuit with overnight accommodation + sauna

Start off in Sorsele and cycle approx. 40 km along the heritage trail towards Skansnäs. Once you’ve reached the end of the road, take a well deserved rest in a wood-fired sauna, and sleep in a simple cabin with a wood stove. The next day, you’ll cycle approx. 40 km over the river and back via Route 363 to Sorsele.


SEK 2,400 (including bike and accommodation)

Fatbike tours Sorsele lapland