boat tours 2024

Boat tour 2024

There will be boat tours with the Älvkungen every week, and in addition to that, you can book private tours of the desired length and time up along the Vindelälven river.

Bild på båten Älvkungen
The boat is named Älvkungen and is a replica of a boat that operated the route from Sorsele to Gillesnoulle as early as 1921
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Älvkungen – a historical tour boat on Vindelälven river. When the mountain population needed to transport mail, goods, livestock, and necessities, they had to walk, mile after mile, in roadless land – that was the reason the boat Älvkungen was built. Traffic began in the summer of 1921, and for 18 years, Älvkungen operated the 60-kilometer route from Sorsele to Gillesnoule twice a week. During the 1940s, both roads and bridges were built along the river, and boat traffic was no longer necessary. Älvkungen was forgotten, lying on land, for many years. The new Älvkungen was completed in 2004; it is as close to a replica as one can get while still meeting the requirements set by the maritime administration today. The new Älvkungen home port is located at the heritage area in Sorsele, where the original also has its own boat house.